Marlou Jaspers Art

Being creative has always been a must for me. Ever since I was a little girl I enjoyed everything that had to do with crafts in one way or another. Once I drew my first portrait in charcoal at the age of 15, I realized realistic drawings is something I wanted to focus on. So I did, for a few years. But of course, curiosity about other material snuck up on me. This is when I started trying oil paint, and fell for it pretty fast. 

I decided to apply for arts and crafts at the Swedish gymnasium. I developed as an artist and had the opportunity to try out a lot of different techniques. After I graduated and had myself a look in other corners of the world, I got in to an art school in Örebro, where I spent three years finding myself as an artist. I’ve tried out so many different things, but seem to have landed back to realistic oil painting which I absolutely love the most. On the other hand I have developed my themes and way of expressing them a lot. I guess today I call myself a surrealist - describing reality.

Subjects in my work started to matter more and more for me and today I don’t make a lot of pieces without a meaning behind them. I care a lot for environmental and social questions. My focus is mostly put on people, animals and nature and their relation to each other, themselves and how they react in certain situations and change. I want to hope for the good, and honestly think that is our only way to go. 

Would you like to make a request of an artwork, in any technique, or buy an already existing piece? Don’t hesitate to contact me!

Daugther Nature Marlou Jaspers

Name: Marlou Jaspers
Birth year: 1995 
Born: Breda, Netherlands
Located: Örebro, Sweden