Well isn't that something! Another whole year already passed!

And it feels like it was just a little while ago I exhibited my work in Örebro. That was in January! Or started selling my work to the region in Örebro. Or shipped three paintings in a big wooden box to Spain and Austria. As well as finally starting my own company and deciding to give a full-time art career a proper go. And bought myself an art printer and started selling my own prints. Or started exploring what making digital art is like. And then a solo exhibition in Laxå Konsthall at the same time as I put up an exhibition in Saluhallen Örebro. Or got interviewed by the local newspaper. Or had a painting workshop with a bunch of wonderful five-year-olds. But to be fair those last few things were only a month or two ago, so that actually was just a little while ago. Thinking back to all this makes me so grateful for what this year has offered me even though times are still very odd and unbalanced. I've had the chance to meet a lot of interesting people and artists both in real life and online. For me as an artist this has definitely been one of my most succesful and productive years so far and I can barely wait to find out what next year is going to bring!

So, with all this I hope you can all look back at what you personally have achieved this year and be proud of that! And let's try to even top that in 2022! Cheers to the new year! 

Here's a collection of some of the paintings I created during the year!