A couple of months ago I decided to buy myself a proper art printer.

I was about to have an exhibition in Örebro Saluhall at the same time as another solo in Laxå Konsthall, so I figured that for several reasons exhibiting prints at Saluhallen would make the most sense. I have had prints made at a printing company earlier and as I was looking into ordering new ones, I took a leap of faith and bought myself a printer instead! 

So far I am definitely not regretting the purchase and I have had a lot of fun exploring this new addition to my artist life. Today I finally did my first A2 print of one of my paintings! So I am excited to announce that several of my prints are now also available in A2 format! To find out which ones will be available in this size, you can check the category "Prints" at the top and click on the images for more information!