You know what I've come to realize lately? I overthink my paintings too much before actually even starting them. I have a ton of sketches laying around but I can't seem to get myself to the point where I want to get started with one if I'm not entirely convinced about the idea. This defintely blocks my productivity!

This last week I woke up one morning and before anything else I made a little sketch of a panda and some penguins- definitely one of those pieces that would've ended up in the pile of unfinished sketches. But instead, I decided to just transfer it to a canvas. This time I barely even sketched it out but started with acrylics right away. Which, to be honest, was a bit of a frustration bump for me. It took me a bit of complaining and nagging to actually get the composition right, but as I got on with the process I quickly realized that it is okay not to aim for my best work with every single painting, and that I should let myself experiment and try things out every once in a while too.

SO, long story short, that is what I decided to do. I've been looking at photographs that speak to me and trying to figure out what it is in an image that I like, and try to work that into a painting. Why does the light in this appeal to me? What about these colors is it that I like? Does the composition change the way I experience the image? 

Suddenly looking at painting from a playful and learning perspective instead of a "this needs to be exhibited or sold" perspective, I am producing so much more! The panda and penguins need a couple of final touches and is close to finished, and a new random sketch I was making the other day is basically an underpainting for a new piece as well.

I'm challenging myself not to doubt my sketches and just paint. Cause what is the worst that can happen really? A possibly bad painting is better than no painting at all, right?