One of the beautiful things about working as a freelancer is that I can work from basically anywhere. Last week I arrived to a gorgeous little village in Greece called Leonídio.

Being a person who absolutely loves mountains, this is like paradise to me. In between the long days of climbing I am also making sure to get a decent amount of painting done! The are plenty of beautiful places here to paint with a view! There is something about being out in nature to paint that brings me so much peace of mind, so considering that painting by itself already does this for me, I’m getting a double doses of that!

At the moment I am working for a few events that are just around the corner. I am happy to announce that I will be exhibiting a piece or two at Centro de Arte Contemporáneo, Mijas, at the end of May, and I will also be part of a big art and music event at Trädgården in Stockholm during the month of May. I will keep you posted on that and share some more information soon! For now I thought I would share you a little glimpse of where I am painting at the moment.