Tomorrow is another Sunday in May! In fact, it is the last Sunday. Meaning it's the last weekend with Hippie Market at Trädgården in Stockholm. For this month at least!

Some dear friends of mine have been putting their hearts and souls into creating an event filled with art, music, dancing and love. Starting the evenings with yoga, invited artists including myself setting up our tables with crafts and artworks, the music slowly merging into a soft minimal techno, building up to a perfect immersive dancing vibe that keeps you move around until they close at 1am. Trädgården as well has a very chummy and colorful vibe to it's outdoor environment, but also a great indoor dancefloor(s) for when the weather is poor! So, with all that said, I think you should bring all your bubbliest friends and come visit us sometime between 17:00-1:00 tomorrow! The entrance is free, you pay with smiles! 


Arts and crafts by the artists exhibiting at the event. The event is created by AjajajFamily.