A few weeks ago I had an acrylic course at Solliden in Örebro together with Sensus. I’m happy to announce that I’ll be having two more acrylic workshops with them there in September!

This time, instead of having one big group of people with mixed experiences, I’ll be splitting it into two groups with one for beginners and one for you who have a bit of previous experience or as a follow up to the beginner’s course. The first one will take place on the 11th of September from 13:00-16:00, and the second one on the 13th during the same hours. Both of them will be at Solliden Kursgård, just a few kilometers outside of the city, which is a wonderful spot right by the lake with plenty of nature - perfect for recharging your batteries and your mind together with other creatives!

In the beginner’s course I will be focusing mainly on all the basics you need to know when starting to work with the medium - what qualities the paint has, what tools are useful and we will be going through everything you need to know about mixing colors, values and highlights and shadows! We will work from our own sketches, photos or small objects, so it would be great to be prepared with that when you arrive to the course! You can sign up for the workshop here!

At the follow up course we won’t be going through the basics, but I don’t expect anyone to be a pro! (Until after we finish of course, then you all will be!) We’re going to go a little bit deeper into color studies, as well as composition and transforming a 3D object in front of us into a 2D image on our canvas. I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks for how to approach painting objects. Therefor I would like you to bring a small object to the course that you wish to focus on! Sign up for this class in the form you can find here!

There is no age limit whatsoever, everyone who wants to is very welcome to come paint with me! Of course I will be doing my absolute best to also give individual advice and feedback beside the things we will be going through with the whole group.

If one of these courses, or both of them sound interesting to you, don't hesitate to sign up! And please feel free to share this post or the links to the events with a friend who you think might be interested!