I really love exploring new ways to work with my art, and trying out something different from time to time. Ideally tying it to my other interests in one way or another. Maybe this is the start of a new path?

Something that has been taking up a lot of time in my brain lately is the idea of pursuing some level of van life! This has been a dream of mine for years, but as you all are probably familiar with – life tends to get in the way! Definitely not in a bad way, but a project like this takes time, courage and flexibility. A now very dear friend of mine popped into my life again at the best possible time and motivated me to actually start taking the steps needed to finally get started. He himself had built a van of his own and it was without a doubt one of the nicest ones I’ve seen! We’ve been touring around a bit here and there, and early on discussed the idea of painting one of the walls on the inside of his mobile home. Last week we finally made that happen!

The idea was to paint an old world map. Then we brainstormed a little bit about what else would be cool to include in the picture, and after coming up with all sorts of ideas and sketches, we landed on one of them. Then ironically, the painting turned out nothing like that sketch after all, but we’re both so happy with the results! Would I have had more time, I would’ve probably spent another couple of full days on it so we’ll see if I can leave it be next time we’re on the road together!