A long time ago I started dreaming of a studio on wheels. I was fantasizing about traveling around the world but still being able to be creative and work with my art on the road.

This seemed so far away from reality, mainly because I didn’t even have my driver’s license and I was tied to the job I had at the moment. I finally decided it was time to get my license, so I took some months and worked hard to get it – but it took me a while even after getting my license daring to get on the road. So for a long time I didn’t. But I reached a point where different scenarios pushed me to get over that fear – most of them being related to some form of van life experiences! Not long after that I seriously started looking into buying a van of my own. This process was very long and frustrating but I’m so lucky to have great people around me who’ve pushed me and helped me through it – I don’t think I could’ve called myself a happy owner of a van today if it wasn’t for them.

A few weeks ago I bought my first little van and had the realization that the dream of having a studio on wheels is actually coming true. It may be tiny, but it's mobile! As I am writing this I just reached Spain and am about to explore the possibilities this nomad lifestyle brings. I can't even express how excited I am for this chapter of my life! I'll also do my best to share my journey here, but most likely you'll find more updates on my Instagram - if it would be of interest to follow!