I was introduced to the concept “Trainstation” a while ago. It’s an organization where young people as well as adults and new businesses who become members are welcome to use their digital equipment to develop the imagination and creativity.

Oftentimes when you don’t have the tools to try out something new, you end up just leaving the thought or idea as just that – a thought. Trainstation is giving you the chance to actually explore digital creation, at a physical meeting place. It is also very helpful for newly started businesses trying to come off the ground, not having to buy all the expensive appliances for trying something out for the few times you may actually need it.

For me, this time it was very helpful to use their fully equipped photo studio! I’ve noticed that the perfect photo for an art print really needs good natural light. I’m sure that every painter trying to take pictures of their work has been cursing on the reflecting light and poorly represented colors. Well, a photo studio makes this about a hundred times easier! And then so did Trainstation! 



You can read more about them on their website