I’m slowly moving my way back north from a wonderful time in the van in the south. Most time I’ve spent in Spain, some of it in France and Italy, and now I’m paying a wonderful visit to Austria – a complete contrast to the sun I even hiked and painted in the snow! But, this post is not so much about the travel, but about an exhibition that is just around the corner!

Next destination, probably after a stop in Germany for a little bit of climbing, is Copenhagen! The reason why I’m making a stop there is because I was asked to exhibit at a little gallery called Loggia. We could time this perfectly with the trip back home and I knew from the start that all the work that would be exhibited would be made on the road! That has really been a fun challenge! Even if it wasn’t for this exhibition, I would have painted on the road for upcoming exhibitions in Sweden, but now having an additional purpose and deadline along the way makes it even more exciting!

frog oil painting surrealism Marlou Jaspers

By now I have created eight paintings and I hope to make one more before arriving at the gallery. The sizes of the work differ but are a lot smaller than I would normally paint. One fun thing about small paintings is that they are so much quicker, and now being on the road and getting almost overwhelmed with inspiration that suits perfectly. I have a whole sketchbook full of ideas I still want to make! Only writing and thinking about that makes me so excited to keep working!

So back to the exhibition! Loggia is a creative event space as well as a gallery in Copenhagen. Their focus lies on creativity, connection and innovation and create everything from art installations, inspirational talks to interactive workshops. It is such a cozy-looking place and I can’t wait to see my work exhibited there! I think their jungle-vibe is going to interact perfectly with my work – especially now with the bamboo frames!

The opening of the exhibition is on May the 5th at 4pm – 8 pm and will be up until July, so there is plenty of time to swing by and see it! If you however would like to meet me there, then you can do that at the opening!

rhino oil painting Marlou Jaspers surrealism

Speaking of bamboo frames, I’ll make a separate post about my process on the road! It has been such an interesting journey to see what works and what doesn’t, and find different solutions to upcoming obstacles. I’m feeling really comfortable with settled with how things have played out so far!