As I mentioned in a previous post, I have some of my work displayed at Inre Natur in Örebro at the moment. This Thursday evening they will have their doors open from 16:00 to 20:00 for everyone to hang out, have a fika, take part of free sharing and meditation, create new friendships and draw with me!

I'll be there during the evening to do some simple drawing exercises to activate our imagination - it's a bit of a light introduction for a course I'll be holding there in June, so if you feel inspired you may also sign up for that! (I'll share more information about this course very soon so keep your eyes and ears open!) There is no pressure whatsoever on the evening (nor the course for that matter!), it's all about loosening our imagination, get creative, have a good time together and maybe even enjoy a fika! So no expectations or grading on the results! Phew! 

Also, in case you haven't been there yet or missed my previous post - I have several paintings displayed in their space right now so it's a great opportunity to come and have a look and I'll be very open to answer any type of questions or discuss whatever topic comes into your mind! Will I see you there?? 

drawing Inre Natur cafékväll Örebro konstnär

Note! The meditation and sharing will be between 17:30 and 18:30 so then the doors will be locked!
You can find us at Storgata n 49C!