Time for a new painting course in Örebro! I've prepared a completely new course for you to take part of! This time the main focus will be on our imagination and creative mind! 
The course will be held at Inre Natur from 10:00 to 15:00 on the 17th and 18th of June (also the same course will be held on August 1st and 2nd!), so when signing up you automatically sign up for both the days. Lots of hours to explore and create in other words!

We will mainly work in acrylics, and I will be teaching the very basics of how to work in this medium a little depending on how much the group would like me to go into details. We'll also be doing different kind of quick exercises and challenges to get our creative brain going! The main goal about the course is to awaken and train our imagination, cause actaully - just like with your muscles or cardio - you can actually do this! 

Our imagination as a kid is rich and natural, but somewhere along the way we get more concious about the world, consequences, logical thinking and put a lot of weight on what other people may think. Not necessarily optimal for our imagination! The idea with the course is to awaken that raw imagination again - see things that aren't there and find new connections between ideas and information. This is not only useful in art, but also in for example your job and different forms of problem solving. And not the least - it helps you see life and the mundane from a new perspective!

Does this sound like a course that could be useful for you? Don't hesitate to sign up for it! You can do that by pressing the link HERE! 

målerikurs Örebro fantasi