I have some really exciting news to share with you! To be honest, I have quite a list of exciting news, but I’ll take one at a time to keep a bit of an overview!

Being a full time artist is quite the rollercoaster when it comes to busy schedules. One month it might be more about creating in the studio, the next about marketing, planning and holding workshops, working on commissions or preparing for exhibitions of different kinds. But very often all the huge and time-required projects seem to land around the same couple of months! I’m in the middle of one of those busy periods!

So, to the news! The next big thing on the schedule, which I am super excited about, is that I have been invited to an art residency on an island on the Swedish west coast called Tjörn! So from August 14th until the 27th you can come visit me at an open studio and view my little expo in "Fårhuset" at Sundsby Säteri. You'll find me there every day from 12:00-17:00, except Mondays, but don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like to visit me at a different hour and I will most likely be available to open up my temporary little working space for you! I will be showing pieces of my series of animal hybrids and unexpected resemblances in nature, and gather inspiration on the island during my 2-week-stay to create new paintings. I'm really excited to see what these weeks will bring, and I truly hope to see you there! 

bohuslän öppen ateljé tjörn
(Photo taken at Fiskebäcksvik, Bohuslän)