Okay guys, now all the prints are up at Saluhallen in Örebro! I'm pretty excited about finally seeing all the prints exhibited together instead of being spread out all over my apartment. 

The art is up!Turned out I printed a whole lot of prints, but somehow they managed to fit on the little exhibition space given. Also, for all you artist out there that are planning to hang an exhibition, even if it's just a small one like this one; add another three hours or so to your calculated hanging time. I thought that "Oooh, it's a small space, just putting some nails in the wall and that's it." Well oh boy was I wrong. After all this time I still underestimate how much time it actually takes to plan an exhibition, and I would say especially when you have a very limited amount of space! I moved everything around a ridiculous amount of times until I felt somewhat happy. I definitely could have excluded a bunch of prints but hey what's the fun in that! 

Tonight is a little vernissage if you feel like popping in to say hi and look at my prints! I will be there from 17:00! 

Oh! I also got interviewed by one of the local newspapers in Örebro, NA, this morning. I will keep you updated on that once it's out and available!