Today was another fun and exhausting day! I finally transported all my art to Laxå Konsthall and started the hanging process. It's crazy how this day has felt like it's so close yet so far away at the same time.

Luckily I have a wonderful best friend who helped me through this heavy job, very kind people at the gallery who've been so helpful from the beginning, and a very generous man and photographer who helped me transport the work and is also going to shoot a little documentary about me and my art! But that's a side note I will get back to in the future! 

Now back to hanging the exhibition! In the early morning I packed my last couple of paintings that I left out to dry a little extra over night. I tend to always work until the last possible day with finishing new paintings I'm thinking I want to bring, so it's definitely not the first time I end up hanging paintings with little wet spots here and there. An hour or two later my transport was here, we picked up my friend Martina, and drove to Laxå. 

This is where the planning begins. What goes where? How do the pieces on the wall communicate with the ones next to them or even across them? Do the sizes and the colors work well or does it actually bring each other down? How will I cover all these big walls with my work?? Oh wait, there are two big pieces I forgot to include! How is all my work going to fit?! This went on for a couple of hours until we felt content and our brains required a lunch break. 

After that the hanging started. Measuring, hammering, measuring again, oh no that's too low, start over. It all takes a little while until you get into a nice flow. And once you're there the day is over. Hanging an expo is really wearisome on the brain but seeing an exhibition slowly come to life is so rewarding. As we called it a day, I still have a few pieces to give a spot on the wall tomorrow, and then at 17:00 the doors will be open for everybody to join me for a very awaited vernissage! I am so excited!