Last Thursday I finally had the vernissage of my little print expo in Saluhallen Örebro. I always love how art brings people together and it turned into a beautiful evening with lots of love and laughter. 

I really appreciate all of you showing up and I also appreciate all the kind feedback on my work! All the work exhibited are prints of original oil paintings of mine. Some of the originals will be displayed in Laxå Konsthall from the 16th of November!

A little side note, all the prints are for sale - as well as some of the originals that are still available. You can check it out in "Portfolio" and "Prints" here on my website if you are interested, and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! 

saluhallen01Keeping the snacks related to the theme! 

This is the main wall of the exhibition where you can see a collection of my prints.





Since the exhibition is upstair in Saluhallen, unfortunately it is not very accessible for everybody since there is no elevator. But if you can't come to the art, we will make sure that the art gets to you!  

Make sure you don't miss the art hanging on the other side of the stairs!



Once again, thank you for turning this evening into a great success! For all of you who didn't make it to the opening, don't worry! It will still be up until December 14th!