Daughter Nature

 76x52 cm
Oil on canvas

Who is Daughter Nature?

My piece ”Daughter Nature” is about the relation between us humans, nature and technology. Nature has since the very beginning been our mother and cradle, where our minds and bodies naturally feel at ease. Where we've adjusted our way of living to the assets nature has provided us with and we have gotten to take part of. Until we took the liberty to put ourselves above nature and instead turned it into something that has to adjust to us. Obviously, humans have always been very technical creatures with the desire to find solutions to things we consider being problems. But one relevant problem amongst these problems, is that we find problems that aren't really there. Which today in turn has lead to redundant use of technology where it isn't necessary, and decreased usage of natural instincts and actions where it should be applied.

In a lot of aspects, technology and AI have majorly improved the world. It is effective, easily accessible, precise and it facilitates a whole lot of work that the human body by itself is not capable of. But from another perspective, it causes just as much damage to nature and humans as it strengthens us. Without being particularly aware of it, it slowly breaks down both our mental and physical health. We get less independent, effective and creative with our own abilities because we tend to rely on technology solving our problems for us. Simultaneously nature is losing more and more of it's respect. A lot of things that a in our history were revolutionary inventions are today ”natural” assets in form of so called invisible technology. The question is what type of technology we will allow to get to that level, and if nature in fact has the same destiny: becoming invisible. So I can't help but wonder what in today's society actually is considered ”natural”, and what is going to take the title after Mother Nature.