Dive in

80x80 cm
Oil on canvas

”Dive-in” is raising awareness about desertification, drought and scarcity happening on our planet due to climatic variations and human activities. A few examples of major human footprints are urbanization, deforestation, agricultural activities harming vulnerable ecosystems, overuse and wastege of groundwater – all leading to loss of bodies of water, vegetation, wildlife and biological productivity, whereby the fertile areas become increasingly arid. Simply, we are demanding more ecosystem services than the ecosystem can actually provide us with. Desertification and water scarcity has an obvious and strong connection to human's well-being, where especially poor countries suffer the most from the consequences due to the lack of clean water supplies.

But major climate changes occured even before human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. Did you know that some parts of the Sahara Desert once were a seaway of a shallow saltwater body holding some of the largest aquatic species during the time of high global sea level? It really is a dive through time and environment.