I thought it was time for a little update on what’s going on in this unpredictable artist life of mine! Time has really been flying by since I packed my studio into my van and started driving south.

As I wrote in a post about a month ago, I bought myself a little van (Lille Vän!) partly with the intention of being able to work on the road. I did a road trip from Sweden to Spain with my dear mom and her dear doggo which was absolutely amazing, and at the moment Lille Vän is parked for some internal renovation on the east coast of Spain. I have however had a whole lot of time for creating! I finished two new paintings since I got to Spain and am working on a third one and probably about to start two more that are already sketched out on canvas!

A few things I have realized:

1 – At the moment I might actually enjoy painting small paintings a little more than big ones! Why? Because they are faster and I get to create new ones! I’m really enjoying the brainstorm process of coming up with new ideas! Sure, I enjoy the painting part too – that’s why I paint. But I get to paint more different paintings if I make small ones! It's a win-win!

2 – I am so much more productive when I am traveling! There are probably a handful of reasons for this. One is that I do art for a living now, which means I have to create. In order to feel less guilty about traveling abroad when other people have to wake up and go to work every morning (I do too obviously, but I am my own boss), I set very strict goals for myself while being away. This is also a way of proving to myself that I can actually work outside of the comfort of my own studio. Another one is that right now I’m not getting distracted by too many other things like I easily get at home. Okay, I do get distracted by the beautiful surroundings, and hikes, and sunny weather, but there’s time for both! Also I have a very exciting exhibition coming up in January, which is another reason why I have to create, a lot. These are wonderful ‘musts’ I must say!

3 – Painting a big painting sitting down at a table is not ideal.

4 – Neither is the burning sun frying your art.

5 - I am so excited about art! This is not a new realization but worth mentioning every now and then! Speaking of, I have another exciting thing coming up next month. Oh and in December!

Don't we all just love cliffhangers? I'll keep you posted on what's going on these upcoming months!