Apart from a few big exhibitions, this year is very focused on workshops for me. I received a scholarship from my city to teach painting through workshops and courses which has really pushed me into the direction of doing this more.

This is what the open workshop schedule looks like at the moment, so make sure not to miss it if you're interested to join and learn how to paint!

painting workshops örebro acrylics art måleri konstutställning

There it is! Let me go in a little deeper on the workshops for you!

July 18 and 19th from 13:00 to 17:00 at Kursgården Solliden, Örebro – An absolutely beautiful area in the Swedish nature. Last time I did a course there we spent a wonderful day painting acrylics in the pavilion right next to the lake. This time too we will be painting acrylics and focus on transferring your own photo to a canvas. We will also go through the basics of painting. You can read more about the course HERE for the 18th, and HERE for the 19th!

July 29th from 13:00-18:00 in Missionshuset, Årbotten. This too is in the middle of the forest in the country side, and hoping the weather will be with us so we can sit outside. In this workshop you will learn how to paint acrylics focused on a nature motive. For those of you who join the course and are interested we will light the fire pit/grill after the course and share a nice dinner outdoors  as a so called "knytis"! 
You can read more about this workshop HERE!

1st and 2nd of August I will hold another 2-day-course at Inre Natur in Örebro! I had the first set-up like this last month and it really was packed with so much painting information because we will spend 10 creative hours together. Both days start at 10:00 and finish at 15:00. You will learn how to work with acrylics but also how to really make use of your imagination in art. After these two days you'll realize that your imagination too is endless, and now you can put your ideas on a canvas! You can read more about the course HERE

As you can see in the little calender, I also have a residency coming up! I will be at Sundsby Säteri on a beautiful Swedish island on the Bohuslän coast, called Tjörn! I will be painting here for 2 weeks - from the 15th until the 28th, and I will also have several of my works displayed! To read more about this you can click HERE!

September starts with a big exhibition in Nyköping at Galleri Sjöhästen, from the 6th until the 14th! I will exhibit together with the amazing Swedish glass blower Micke Johansson, as I did start of this year at Galleri Nord in Örebro. More information about this expo will pop up soon!

This year is also the first time that I will teach through Medborgarskolan in Örebro. Here I will be teaching a course focused on realism in both acrylics and oil. The course will take place every Wednesday from September 6th until October 4th from 16:30-18:45. HERE you can read more and also sign up!

Another similar course at Medborgarskolan will deep dive into portrait painting and will also be on Wednesdays, the same hour, from October the 15th till November the 22nd. Follow this link HERE to read more or sign up!

I also slipped in a little note on an intro day for Kulturkraft at the end of September. Shortly, kulturkraft is a platform in Örebro where schools can book artists or entertainers of different kinds to teach or perform. On the 30th there is an introduction day for all the participants to show what they offer. This means I will be there during the day to present my selected course, answer questions, and hold a micro workshop! More info about this will pop up! 

The end of the year is busy with expos! A month after Galleri Sjöhästen, from the 14th until the 28th of October, I have a big solo exhibition at Galleri Tofta outside of Varberg! Stay tuned for this one!

Well, there's quite an amount of text and information for you! Apart from these mentioned above I am open for both private one to one teaching - which I recently started doing with very positive results, or privately booked courses or workshops. So far most of those have been in different firms or schools, but I am open to be challenged!

I must admit, that teaching from time to time is quite a mental challenge for me. But I truly believe that we have to get out of our comfort zone every now and then in order to develop. Which is also why I would like to challenge YOU to join me in a workshop if you’re curious about learning to paint, but hesitating to take the step. During my time in teaching art I’ve come to realize that despite being nervous about it, I am really passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience with others. It’s not only that I love to inspire, but I also get highly inspired from the people participating. Being in a course together with a group just really is a wonderful environment to get creative. With that being said, I really hope to see you in one of my workshops!