Marlou Jaspers Art




60x90 cm
Oil on canvas

I read that when polar bears ask another bear to share something, such as food, they gently boop their nose to the other bear's nose. The current situation with the ice melts in the Arctic due to human actions, slowly robbing the bears of their natural habitat for living and hunting to survive, inspired me to make this piece. The home in the Arctic of these vulnerable bears, that rely heavily one the sea ice for traveling, hunting, resting and mating, is as a result of global warming and climate change warming twice as fast as the global average, causing the ice to melt away and natural habitats to disappear. Summer ice cover is shrinking, permafrost is melting and coastlines are being exposed to erosion. One of the most distructive human activities that is causing global warming to happen is pollution. Air pollution, land pollution and water pollution are all contributing factors, as all pollutants make their way to the polar regions via for example the ocean currents, the atmosphere, migratory birds, rivers and ice. These are created primarily by heat-trapping gases that are let out into the atmosphere when we are burning fossil fuels to drive our cars, generate electricity and just in general power our lives. Even plastic, the deadliest predator in our seas, and other rubbish that is carelessly thrown away, ending up in our oceans have a major effect on climate change resulting in melting sea ice and glaciers. We really have a choice on how we decide to handle these pollutions. And maybe we could boop our noses to a polar bear's and consider sharing more as well.



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