Here are some pictures from the latest exhibition I had at Exposé in Örebro! It went very smooth, the hanging went very well and the exhibition itself was a great success! I titled it "Oxymoron", focusing on the back and forth, contradictory and somewhat destructive relationship we have with nature. 

It is like an irresistible desire and at the same time a necessarity to even be able to take a breath. But we ignore the trusting hand that our partner reaches out to us and take advantage of that position of power. They say that we get happier from giving rather than taking, but I have to doubt if that constantly goes both ways. We worship nature but we seem to worship ourselves just a little bit more. Not really realizing where this takes us. We want to go one direction and nature another. So we choose to swerve onto an artificial road meanwhile a flower tries to reach for the sun through the asphalt. Where we walk and get to smell a scent of a lovely mixture of lavender and exhaust. Or a bit further away where we get a peek of a fragment of plastic bottles if we lift the oil-covered blanket of waves. But if we don't lift it it doesn't exist, right? We make use of, take advantage of, and affect nature, but in the end, who is really the most vulnerable?

The last preparations being done on spot.

A sneakpeek through the window.

"Natural synthetic", the painting in the foreground was more or less the start for the concept of this exhibition!

These smaller paintings have an acrylic background with a touch of details in oil. 



 Check out the gallery and get a closer look on the artwork!