Once again I had a great opening of an exhibition! I always love vernissages cause you get to meet so many interesting people and have valuable conversations. I had a little bit of a packed schedule before going back to Laxå to hang the last few paintings. As so often before, I was running late to my train (this time not my fault!) and as I am literally running to the train I see the name 'Laxå' on the train right in front of me so without really thinking more about that I jump on the train last minute. But why is the train not moving? I have been waiting over ten minutes now! I quickly realized that I had in fact jumped on the wrong train. So, nothing else to do than calling the art hall to inform them that I'll be running late. But luckily they are just wonderful wonderful people who helped me get some of the last paintings up so I had enough time to fix the last details the last 40 minutes before the doors would open! Phew! 

But hey! I am so happy with how the exhibition turned out, and I am thankful to all the visitors who showed up to look at my work and came to talk to me and shared their interpretations and emotions. I hope it is as meaningful to them as it is to me. 

Preparing all the last little details probably until the second we opened the door! 

And then the exhibition was official! 

We created a little extra room for kids to hang out and draw if they felt inspired from the art in the gallery. Then they can hang their drawings on those walls and create their own little exhibition! 





I met my dear friend Momen some year ago when I was out in town drawing. He told me he likes to draw and paint as well and recommended my work to the people at the art hall. So it is really thanks to him that they contacted me and we made this exhibition come true! So some extra thanks to him! And obviously some extra thanks to the people at the gallery, especially Sofie, for doing such a great job and always being there when I needed them in the process!


Now both vernissages in Laxå and Saluhallen Örebro are over, but that doesn't mean the exhibitions are! Both of these will be up until the 14th of December, so there is still plenty of time to visit if desired! I am going to take a little day off to catch my breath again!