Marlou Jaspers Art

NR-6 Nautilus


NR-6 Nautilus

Oil on canvas
80x80 cm


I had this dream about a creature I did not know the name of, but I knew very well what it was. Waking up I felt the need to find out more about it and I discovered they were called "nautilus". To my surprise that was the same name as the fictional submarine from the book I was reading the night before - Jules Verne's "Twenty thousand leagues under the sea". While I was smiling about this coincidence, they were talking on the radio about Peter Madsen trying to escape from a life time in prison after the murder on the Swedish journalist Kim Wall, on board on his submarine called UC3 Nautilus. Of course I had to get a new piece started after all these synchronicities.

I titled this painting "NR-6 Nautilus". The abbreviation NR-6 stands for Nature Relatedness and is a scale where you briefly measure the human-nature relationship. It shows us how our relation with the natural world may affect for example our environmental concern and attitude/behavior on ecological sustainability, as well as personal psychological health and well-being, etc. Where would you consider yourself to be on the NR-6 scale?

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