Guide till Utopia

150x120 cm
Oil on canvas


We often claim ourselves being on the top of the priotiry list and being the ones to run the world. And for several scientific and biological reasons, humans are in many ways most evolved to be in control. Sadly, with superiotiry complex, greed and arrogance being a few of the harmful human features. But does that mean we actually are more important than our fellow species? The honest truth is that without all other life on this planet, we would be nothing. In fact, we probably need them more than they ever need us. Our intelligence unfortunately hasn't always helped us living in harmony in our given environment, but instead slowly wasted our only supply and planet through our extreme need for controlling. What would happen if we instead let nature take control, as in this specific image: the octopus? Would this turn out to be a future vision with a guideline to a Utopian world?