Marlou Jaspers Art

Last week I did a workshop in Laxå Konsthall with a bunch of little  energy bombs - a full class of 5-year-olds. I've done a few workshops before but never with this young age, so I was excited to see the results of this.

When I was hanging the exhibition in Saluhallen, the local newspaper "NA" came by to interview me! This was published on November the 13th. I'm sorry it is only available in Swedish, but I guess I'll just have to make sure to be in an international one next time! But for now, here's this one!

Once again I had a great opening of an exhibition! I always love vernissages cause you get to meet so many interesting people and have valuable conversations. 

Today was another fun and exhausting day! I finally transported all my art to Laxå Konsthall and started the hanging process. It's crazy how this day has felt like it's so close yet so far away at the same time.

This for sure is a hectic month! But despite the high tempo and somewhat stressed situations, I am really enjoying it! As you might have read in previous posts, I recently had the opening of my exhibition in Saluhallen. Well, now it's time for the next one: Laxå Konsthall!

Last Thursday I finally had the vernissage of my little print expo in Saluhallen Örebro. I always love how art brings people together and it turned into a beautiful evening with lots of love and laughter. 

Okay guys, now all the prints are up at Saluhallen in Örebro! I'm pretty excited about finally seeing all the prints exhibited together instead of being spread out all over my apartment. 

Time is flying and tomorrow is the opening of my exhibition in Saluhallen in Örebro! All my prints are patiently lined up and waiting on the couch to be transported to their new temporary wall. 

The last couple of months have been really exciting for me with my art. There is a lot going on and I love it! At the moment I am working for two exhibitions that overlap – one in Saluhallen Örebro and one in Laxå Konsthall.