I just wanted to share a little update on this studio on wheels chapter of my life! At the moment I am parked at this beautiful spot in Chulilla. It is absolutely amazing and begging for adventures in every direction you ever look.

I’m climbing or hiking pretty much every day, meeting new fun people regularly, and let me be completely open and honest about this – It has been hard to balance the feeling of not missing out on adventures as well as getting a decent amount of work done, but I am finally landing in a spot where I feel like I can comfortably work even while being on the road.

First of all, the feeling of being able to go out and paint somewhere with a gorgeous view is just pure luxury to me. It’s a little bit more of a hassle to bring all your painting stuff in a hiking pack and head out in the mountains but 100% worth it every time. I do however need to find a good solution for bringing oil paintings back without wiping all the details off again or scratching it against all the branches. But apart from that, I’m really starting to appreciate all the little hassles and solutions for being able to paint from the van. I suppose it is the same as having to be make sure the water tank or gas tank doesn’t run out, compared to the unlimited water supply coming out from the tap, and a stove that always works whenever you need it to. You simply start to appreciate the things you’d normally take for granted!

I recently started a new painting from this beautiful valley (which is also where I did one of my absolute favorite climbs!) and I’m excited to see how it will turn out!

valley chulilla

valley chulilla painting

valley chulilla climbing