After not really doing any proper from-life studies in probably a couple of years, I finally decided to join a figure drawing class again. I've been telling myself at least a hundred times that I want to practice more technical drawing, as well as illustrating, and that I should take a bit of time every day to improve these skills, but why is it so hard to set new habits!?

Well, starting with a life drawing class once a week might help me find some motivation for it! (And maybe writing a blog post and telling the world about it could push me too cause now it's official and there is no turning back.)

Either way, let me share with you what I discovered in my first croquis class after all this time: I am terrible at quick sketches! Those first bunch of 2-minute drawings were definitely not motivating to me at all. Apart from the fact that from here I can only get better. And luckily, that is how I felt on our second class, and I actually managed to produce a few drawings that not only I enjoyed sketching, but also am quite satisfied with the results. So let's see if now is the time to start drawing more from life!