As some of you know, I have painted a couple of skateboards the last view years. These have been pretty popular and I have really enjoyed making them.

At the moment all four of them are hanging in different public buildings in Örebro County - two of them in a Dental Care and two in a hospital. I am definitely planning to make more of those in the future! But as for right now, I am focusing on a little bigger board!

Probably a couple of year ago by now, I was handed a surfboard for me to paint on. And even though I have been very excited about doing that, it has taken me a very long time to get started with it. Considering it is much easier to get across another skateboard in case I mess up, I have been a lot more careful and even a little bit nervous about starting on the surfboard. You know that feeling of only having one shot and it needs to be perfect? That's about how I have felt about this board. I have made several sketches for it but just never got to the point of actualy dipping my brush in the paint and put the strokes on the board. 

The other week though, I finally decided it was time! This board has been sitting in my hallway (as pretty nice decor I must say) with the sketch ready on the white surface. Now painting it, I can't believe I didn't just start with it sooner! I am enjoying this piece so so much and I am super excited about continuing working on it and seeing what the final result will show! 

Sometimes our uncertainties and nervousness just get in the way of doing something we end up really enjoying. With that said - and this being a pretty small example of it but it really applies to most bigger doubts and worries - if you really want to do something, just do it!